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B2B Healthcare Marketing Guide

by Ramanika Singh
b2b healthcare marketing

We know that the healthcare sector is growing each day, which makes it an important area of investment for both B2B and B2C. Despite the market trends, phases of expansion and contraction, healthcare always manages to keep itself up at a stable growth and negligible loss regardless of the phase. Because of this, it is of no surprise to now that the sector has a value of about $4.2 billion. So, do you know how B2B can be used in healthcare marketing? How to create and use effective B2B marketing strategies for the same?

Well, don’t worry and give this one a read, you’ll get to learn a lot.

Let’s dig in!

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What is Healthcare Marketing?

b2b healthcare marketing

It is a process or a way of reaching out to healthcare consumers and keeping up with them in their healthcare journey. It strengthens the relationships among hospitals and physicians as well as between medical centres and patients. 

The process usually uses offline or online plans to increase the reach to fuel business growth. As with any type of marketing plan, health care marketing uses different advertising, branding and promotional techniques to communicate with the users, build trust, and, ultimately, gain new patients.

How is B2B used in Healthcare Marketing?

If you know then, B2B (business-to-business) defines dealing between businesses, such as a manufacturer and a wholesaler, or a wholesaler and a retailer.

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How is B2B related to healthcare?

Let us understand this with an example.

We know how the coronavirus has changed a lot around, and now healthcare companies are on the search to find any new source of supply for PPE equipment and respirators. In their search for new suppliers, many healthcare companies are turning to B2B marketplaces like Tradeling in general to find any available inventory.

Tradeling offers around 27,000+ products with more than 350+ suppliers worldwide. It is one of the best platforms to meet other big traders. Also, negotiating the price of products online without visiting physically anywhere is much easier on Tradeling.

So, what do we infer from this? B2B marketplaces are gaining a lot of importance and therefore, it has become important to learn how to be efficient in B2B healthcare marketing.

Why is B2B Healthcare Marketing important?

b2b healthcare marketing

Healthcare marketing increases your online visibility search engines and social media platforms. Applying a good marketing strategy can allow you to reach potential users and present you as a leader in your niche.

The health industry is continuously changing and so, it has become really important to refine ways of marketing and educating customers.

What are the challenges faced in B2B Healthcare Marketing?

Marketers in B2B healthcare space can come across the following challenges during the process:

The sales process in the healthcare market can be lengthy and tough. If you are lucky enough then you may get a purchase order within a year. However, it generally takes more than a year in a healthcare enterprise. Therefore, it becomes a need to keep the buyers engaged with things and constant connection during their buying journey.

Apart from this, the speed of changes in a healthcare business can be “slow”. This is not because of any technical reasons but, practical. Every single technology needs to be bulletproof as all lives depend on it and so, chances of taking risks are negligible.

Best B2B platform for healthcare products

The healthcare sector, no doubt has bloomed in this year of 2020. As a result, the demand for verified and quality products has increased a lot.

If you are a company that is searching for a well-established export/import platform for healthcare products then you should definitely check out Tradeling.

b2b healthcare marketing

Tradeling is an e-Marketplace for the Middle East and North African regions. This gives an advantage of the demographic factor. It covers the MENA countries unlike B2B portals which majorly focus on extreme eastern parts of the world, especially China.

As I mentioned earlier, Tradeling offers 27,000+ products with more than 350+ verified and renowned suppliers worldwide. It presents a wide range of options-medical, personal care, etc, to choose from.

You can easily check out all the verified Tradeling sellers and find the best one for you or if you just want to get an insight, you can do that as well!

Starting your own brand and selling is also easy on Tradeling. You can easily request for a private label and after complete necessary procedures, you can proceed with comparing quotes and trade. Tradeling provides 24*7 assistance with additional features like Tradeling PayLater and logistics management and tracking to help you make your business efficient.

Marketing Tips

b2b healthcare marketing
  • Use analytics services to manage budget
  • Do a competitive analysis know your competitions in the market.
  • Channel marketing can be very helpful almost all the time. Try to find out the best channel to advertise your business.
  • Ensure that you build your brand awareness to strengthen the trust of consumers.
  • Maintain proper relationships with your clients with personalised services.


B2B Healthcare Marketing can be difficult sometimes when compared to other sectors, but it can benefit you if managed well. In this blog, we have discussed B2B Healthcare Marketing, its importance, the challenges and few marketing tips. Also, we got to know about the best b2b healthcare products trading platform Tradeling, which is actually the best when it comes to services and quality.

I hope the article would have helped you in anyway!

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