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hire freelancer india

The world is changing and so is the freelancing jobs trend. With time everyone is realizing the importance and benefits of online contractual jobs and freelancing. There is a lot of buzz about freelancing and work from home today. Especially after the world has experienced a different era of online work from home from the outbreak of COVID. Things are not the same now. Businesses have seen a lot of different benefits of work at home which will definitely encourage a freelancing culture. Let me share a few facts and experiences which may help you in your journey to understand if hiring a freelancer is the right choice for you.

Why do companies want to hire freelancers?

however, why recruiters or companies want to hire freelancers online in India?

Often when entrepreneurs start off their start-ups or businesses, then they prefer to hire freelancers online in India? web developers, or even project managers all based on their requirements and specific needs. This is probably because the process tends to be cheaper, with less paperwork and on-time submission of tasks.

As a start-up, you have a lot of undiscovered areas of your business, and hire freelancers online in India gives you more flexibility to control your engagement with your contractor and keep a check on your cost.

Many of you might not exactly know what freelancing is. You may have a lot of questions. Here is a quick description of what is freelancing.

  • Freelancer will have a bit more control and freedom in his professional life, he will be more committed to you as he is the business owner. Freelancer is his OWN BOSS!
  • It is a myth that freelancing is something you do when you cannot get a real job, which is absolutely not true. Being a freelancer requires you to be an expert in your skill otherwise you can not survive the competition.

You can really find great talent on freelancing platforms, however it definitely needs some experience to understand these platforms as each of the platforms has its own way of presenting talent and different ways to share that information with the business owners or their clients.

Here are few areas in which you can find freelancers and really good talent .



If you are looking to get started with your new venture or business and still wondering for what skills you should opt to hire freelancers online in India, here is a guide to major freelancing online jobs in demand and how and why you should connect to freelancers if you want to hire one online for your work:


  • Almost 30% of the freelancing income goes out to graphic designing freelancers. It is one of the fastest-growing high on-demand creative industries nowadays.
  • An observed increased need for marketing and creative promotions has made it a continually evolving field that ranks among the top in the leading freelance services.
  • A graphic designer freelancer typically creates visual concepts or digital illustrations using photo editing software or any layout software to help the clients communicate with their customers.
  • It is a demanding job as mostly everything online requires creative or graphic designers, which is why recruiters highly want to hire freelancers in India experienced in graphic designing for contract-based work.
indian freelance website


>>Click for Web Development services

The next major online job is that of a web developer.

Well, let’s just admit that becoming a freelance web developer has some major benefits.  In addition, it can be done from any part of the world or even from your home. Being a web or full-stack developer, you attain the freedom to establish and take control of your schedule.

It is undoubtedly one of the most in-demand industries.

how to hire a freelancer

3. HIRE FREELANCERS FOR SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

Most businesses have turned to digital marketing to reach out to a broader spectrum of audiences. And with this, the demand to hire SEO freelancers or experts has increased as well.

a. An SEO freelancer guarantees the marketing of businesses by helping their websites to rank at the top of the search.

b. In recent years, the industry has emerged with immense potential and great responsibilities. Each company wishes to get a higher ranking on the Search Engine Results Page.

Therefore, recruiters tend to hire SEO freelancers or SEO experts for the very similar purpose.

upwork how to hire a freelancer


  • Working remotely as a project manager can be a great alternative for most organizations, project managers, and team members. The work of a project manager is to plan, organize and manage resources for projects to be successful and fruitful.
  • Major problems in project management jobs are advancements in technology, new approaches for management, and change in the company’s structure.
    These things make it quite difficult for a freelancer.
indian website


  • Content writing job involves proper planning, writing, and editing content for the web, usually for digital marketing purposes. It includes writing blog posts and articles, scripts for podcasts and videos, or platform-specified content.
  • Usually, content writing is taken as “article writing”, which is not true. Recruiters hire freelancers as writing is one of the major foundations of anything that is published online.


Are you a recruiter? Want to know how and from where to hire freelancers in India or any other country? Do you want to know how much does it cost to hire any freelancer?

Well, worry not! Here’s the rundown to all the answers to your questions.


  • is an Indian freelance website having a team of highly skilled freelancers. They provide simple, affordable product and web development, quality assurance, project management, web design, and digital marketing solutions including content writing solutions for small to medium-sized businesses across the globe. 
  • The team is committed to deliver exceptional solution experiences in the areas of their expertise and unify freelancers and recruiters.

2. Upwork

  • If you want to know about a great hire freelancer’s website then Upwork is one of the most reputable and known freelance marketplaces online which you should know about.

How to hire a freelancer on Upwork?

  • The site has advanced search filters and a feature to link freelancers’ past work experience which allows employers to weed out mismatches.
  • Upwork has a convenient messaging functionality which makes it easier to communicate with the candidates throughout the hiring and execution process.
  • The site also has three tiers of membership but one doesn’t need to put out any money at this tier, but this must be noted that a 3% fee will anyhow be collected on all the payments issued through the platform of Upwork.
  • Upwork requires a bit of learning and patience during the initial stage as it feels challenging to the artistry to write effective proposals. There might come situations when one may have to bid below the pay rate to build up feedback rating, but that is always.

3. Freelancer

  • It is an Australian based marketplace which helps connecting employers and professional freelancers from all around the world.
  • It comprises some of the biggest companies in the world and, till date, the platform has managed to match about 22 million gigs, either through direct projects or opportunities which previously didn’t exist.
  • Freelancer builds a network of sites tailored to outsource niche markets and industries, such as website domain creation, marketing services, design and art, etc. Freelancer is absolutely free to join in.
  • Recruiters, to hire expert free freelancers can view candidate’s profiles and ratings, and then communicate with potential ones before committing.

4. Fiverr

  • Fiverr is a low-cost marketplace with widespread global popularity. The platform is free to sign up for and provides the candidates with the most exposure.
  • Pricing is customized by the freelancers depending on the project and contract. If one can create his niche and specialization as a freelancer on Fiverr, it can be a reliable way to find new projects and earn additional revenue.

Although many people dislike Fiverr, it can be one of the best freelance websites for beginners if one is willing to do the hard work it takes to be successful.

5. Toptal

  • It is a large and exclusive network of the most thoroughly screened, talented freelancers in the world- software developers, designers, product managers, and project managers, etc.
  • The site aims to provide the highest quality of talent for any industrial or organisation requirement.
  • Toptal provides the organisation with quality freelancers to hire on an hourly, full, or part-time basis.

6. DesignHill

  •  DesignHill provides a platform for employers who want to hire freelancers, especially designers. Employers get the liberty to create project contests, which bring a slew of design entries straight to them.
  • Design contests are pretty polarizing. If you’re someone who complains about crowd-sourcing work on freelancing sites, it is okay to not trust such contests easily. But not all design contests are a scam, and DesignHill shows that they can be a legitimate enterprise.
  • DesignHill offers a lot of options whether a person is a web designer, graphic designer or pursuing other types of design.
  • DesignHill also courts their creatives by offering the designers a chance to design their own T-shirts, have them printed, and sell them in their online shop. This is a nice touch, giving freelance designers yet another way to get their work out there in the market and to make good money off their artistry.

7. Behance

Seeking creative inspiration? Well, Behance is at your service! It features so much great work to soak in, including animations, vector illustrations, web design, and so on

Behance uses an algorithm which lets the freelancer upscale his/her profile. When one fills in their Behance profile with their work samples, that is put in front of like-minded creatives.

If the work earns the coveted spot of featured project, it is likely for the candidate to get a great positive response.

Behance also functions as a social media network to connect with other designers and also jobs sections, which has quite a few leads for quality freelance work.

8. Dribbble

Dribbble is yet another brilliant platform that continues to amaze with the quality and variety of amazing projects that get shared and the community of supportive creatives. The site does get a lot of traffic, with plenty of clients looking for talented designers. Undoubtedly, it is one of the best stages if you want to hire good freelance designers.

Web developers, graphic designers, and others won’t only find inspiration on Dribbble but may also find their next freelance gig.

9. SimplyHired

This website doesn’t charge people to put up job postings, which opens a floodgate of job opportunities. It also makes it super easy for the ones seeking extra attention from the clients by letting them upload a resume and get their profile up and running.

Their job search functions also come in handy. It lets both the freelancer and the recruiter narrow down searches only to what one’s interested in. Having a focused search is much more valuable than sites that display only loosely related results.

The site offers great resources like guides on resume writing, cover letter writing, and other information to help them out.

hire freelance web developer india

How much does it cost to hire freelancers?

The most important question is to how much will it cost you if you want to hire freelancers! Well, nothing to worry about as we are here to the rescue. 😉

Cost of hiring a freelancer can vary from as little as $4- $5 per hour all the way up to $1,000 per hour.

Based on levels of expertise, the quality level of freelancers can be broken down into the following three:

  1. Junior – Less than 3 years of experience in their sector.
  2. Mid-level – Between 3 to 7 years of experience.
  3. Senior / Expert – More than 7 years of experience.

Below is a table of usual cost-ranges for hiring freelancers:

Job RoleJuniorMid-LevelExpert
Graphic Designer$150-250$250-400$400-750
Front-end developer,
Back-end developer,
UX designer
Digital Marketer
(SEO, SEM, etc)


Music producer$150-250$250-350$350-500
Mixing engineer


How to Hire Freelancers?

1. Make sure you keep it as detailed as possible

You must make the contract very clear in addition detailed in the very start. Everything about the skills required, deliverability benchmarks and project time frame needs to be specified very clearly.

2. Good communication is the key

Make sure that anyone who you might consider hiring has excellent communication skills. Most of the time, different time zones, cultures and language barriers can hamper the communication. Therefore, you need to be confident in the freelancer’s communication skills before awarding the job.

3. Look for relevant experience

Looking for someone with experience of doing the specific task for long can be great. You can always ask for work samples and portfolios in that case. To avoid wasting time, entertain only those freelancers with experience doing the exact task you are hiring for. Ask for references if you want extra reassurance.

4. Paying only when the tasks are completed

You must pay the freelancer only when all the tasks have been submitted. This is just to make sure you don’t fall into traps and face severe losses.

freelancer india website

In Conclusion

Hire Indian Freelancer . The world is full of talents and opportunities. All it takes for you to be on your desired skill path is dedication and proper research. To be successful, a freelancing job or a normal one, either of them will do well for you. Constant practice, a never-ending determination can lend you your dream online freelancing job. Undoubtedly, the recruiters and online marketplaces will want to hire freelancers in India like you!

Nowadays most companies hiring freelancers employee rather than full-time employees for complete work. working with freelancers offers lots of growth potential for industries.

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