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Freelance Jobs: Highest Paying Online Jobs 2020

by deeptimehta07

Highest Paying Online Freelance Jobs 2020

The term freelancing still sounds alien to some people. The concept of working online from home is a practice only a few know and a smaller number has mastered. The most question people ask is “How do I find a client from the comfort of my home?” “These freelance jobs that can be done from home, can these jobs be equated to a normal 9 to 5 in terms of income?” “Is the pay good enough?” The truth is, freelancing is gradually becoming a career path for tones of people are beginning to embrace. Companies are beginning to see how cost-effective it is to hire a freelancer than having to pay a full-time employee and with the recent trend of increase in the Gig economy, freelancing is soon to become the only way the world would understand how to work. Also. the number of freelance jobs are also increasing. 


Top skills in demand to get freelance jobs

To get the most out of a career in freelancing, you must first possess the skills needed to ensure that you are in high demand in the market as a freelancer. There are a lot of freelance careers that pay well and a lot of available platforms where you can find freelance jobs you can freelance but you must first be good at your job. If you are good at your job you would definitely keep getting clients who would keep looking for you. The key to building a sustainable business with freelancing is to develop a well-crafted portfolio document and ensuring that your positive reviews far outweigh your negative reviews hence leading to referrals. If you are a freelance beginner and do not possess or know the right skill needed to kick start your freelancing career, here are some of the


High paying Freelance Jobs


Writing and blogging

This is a skill that is high in demand and extremely sought after. As a freelance writer, you can develop a niche for yourself and decide what area of writing you want to concentrate on; blog writing, proposal writing, copy writing, creative writing, grant writing or you can decide to develop your skill in all the niche and become a versatile writer. blogs, copy editors, content management. Writers are paid around $5 – $100 per hour. This career path can be very lucrative once you develop your skill and grow your clientele.


freelance jobs


Web development

The world is going digital and as a result, thousands of people are in constant need of web and app developers. creating, testing or providing support for software or applications. According to people per hour, 380 new websites are created per minute. You might want to jump in on this. As a freelance developer, it is very important that you stand out from the rest of your peers as they would be a lot of developers on ground. Building basic websites using WordPress shouldn’t be your forte, you should endeavor to learn HTML, CSS, PHP and other programming language knowledge so you can stand out from others.

Digital Marketing

Businesses are beginning to see the importance of digital marketing in promoting and scaling their business as a result of this, a rise in need for good digital marketers has also emerged. Digital Marketing is itself a broad domain which has multiple niches or skill sets . To name a few every digital marketer should know skills like Content Marketing and SEO, Paid Digital Acquisition, Social Media Marketing and Analytics. The good thing about this career is that there are a lot of platforms offering courses in digital marketing;

Graphics Design

This is a skill that never seems to go out of the market. It only keeps evolving. As a graphic designer, you want to ensure that you evolve with your work so you don’t get thrown out of business. The recent trend in design is tilting towards UI/UX design. This means you should endeavor to learn this skill if you are looking at working as a freelance graphics designer

Online Courses, Coaching and Consulting

Now is the best time to become an online coach. The digital coaching industry is thriving. If you enjoy working with others and help them in reaching their goals, then this work from home is perfect for you. Firstly, it is important to understand that coaching and online tutoring is not same as counseling. Coaches focus on helping students achieve their goals and help them get measurable gains. There are many different types of coaches, like:

  • Spiritual Coach   
  • Career Coaching
  • Executive Coaching
  • Financial Coaching
  • Life Coaching
  • Business Coaching
  • Wellness Coach   

Even these areas can be further broken down. For instance, a wellness coach can focus on different niches, including meditation, work stress, or fitness.

Business Project Management

Expand your network by attending conferences, connecting with industry leaders on social media, and joining established online project management communities. Promote your name and work online, and most importantly, always take a confident stance — even if you don’t feel that way. Chances are someone will repost your social content, your LinkedIn request will be accepted, and that phone call could put you on the right track to a job.

Data Science

To make a living as a freelancer data scientist, you have to ensure that you put in the work by being proactive. Learn to target start-ups and entrepreneurs in search of your skill and pitch to them. Data scientist are in high demand, so you need to be better than the best. Keep learning!

Other freelancing skills that you can develop and build a career in include translator, Virtual assistant, cloud computing and video production.

There are a lot of available platforms and free freelance websites where you can put your newly learned skill to work and finally begin to make money, you need to do is register on these websites.

Few of these freelance Job Sites are:

How Much Freelancers Can Earn?

In almost every industry, freelance has become a popular choice for professionals seeking more control over their careers and work experience. You can set your own pace freely, work anywhere, and undertake projects for many companies. This working style sounds appealing to people who are tired of working in offices from 9 to 5, but what is the reality of earning as a freelancer in the modern world? I am going to share the average salaries categories wise:

i. IT and Programming


  • Average hourly rate: $49
  • Average annual income (U.S.): $68,292
  • Weekly hours (worldwide): 37.4

ii. Content Writing and Translation


  • Average hourly rate: $48 and $47
  • Average annual income: $61,419 and $59,545
  • Weekly hours (worldwide): 34

iii. Design and Multimedia


  • Average hourly rate: $41
  • Average annual income: $56,101
  • Weekly hours worked (worldwide): 36

iv. Engineering and Manufacturing


  • Average hourly rate: $56
  • Average annual income: $79,867
  • Weekly hours worked (worldwide): 38.2

v. Sales and Marketing


  • Average hourly rate: $44
  • Average annual income: $61,572
  • Weekly hours worked (worldwide): 37

vi. Legal Services


  • Average hourly rate: $60
  • Average annual income: $75,488
  • Weekly hours worked (worldwide): 33.6

vii. Finance and Management


  • Average hourly rate: $49
  • Average annual income: $71,879
  • Weekly hours worked (worldwide): 39

viii. Administrative and Customer Support                                             


  • Average hourly rate: $29
  • Average annual income: $41,639
  • Weekly hours worked (worldwide): 38.2

There are many more jobs, and I will just say that the earning limit is the sky. There is no limit, no weekly or yearly salary. You will earn higher and more and more with your experience. You will always be able to do a new deal with each new client.

Are you all set to start your journey as a freelancer ? My recent post How to become a freelancer in 30 days? will guide you.



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Rise of Gig Economy

Freelancing is on the rise, the gig economy has since been inculcated into the workforce of some countries; Britain, USA and India. According to PayPal, 50% of global freelancers are Indians. There are a lot of freelance jobs online in India, USA, Britain and even all over the world. The beauty of freelancing is that it can be done anywhere; India, Nigeria, Germany, Italy. All that matters is that you are connected to the internet and a laptop. Still not convinced, read my post on Why should I become a freelancer in 2020?

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