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Online Food Shopping: Top 8 B2B Platforms!

by Anushka Nayyar

When it comes to creativity, going paperless, and overall market optimization, the B2B food industry has a lot of room for change. Mainly in the online food shopping business.

Let’s admit, for the foodservice industry, we need more online channels, where operators can communicate with vendors, compare costs, and order online without any phone calls, a bunch of records, and annoying paperwork.

Fortunately, we have innovators who are pushing ahead and working to boost the demand for B2B food.

Here is the list of outstanding and valuable B2B online food shopping marketplaces which you need to check-


For restaurant owners, TradingTable is a B2B online ordering site. To simplify and speed up the buying and selling process, it links owners, distributors, and suppliers. Here are its principal characteristics:

online food shopping

For operators

  1. Connect with distributors
  2. Moreover, submit orders
  3. Access real-time pricing
  4. See product info as well
  5. Customize the interface too

For distributors

  1. Work with existing customers
  2. Automated real-time pricing
  3. Integrate your systems directly with TradingTable
  4. Spend more time consulting with customers
  5. Moreover, delivering the information and insight they want

For Suppliers

  1. Showcase your entire portfolio of products
  2. Provide operators with detailed product information on the very platform they use to order
  3. Understand and also stay on top of market trends


Biolinked is a fully free B2B food network that links producers of organic food with worldwide wholesale buyers. It is a platform (Biolinked) offers a collection of tools to build its platform for suppliers. It enables users to display their products, promote their business, and also interact directly with potential business customers.
Also, let us have a look at it’s functioning:

online food shopping

1. Users build a profile to register as a seller, buyer or both.
2. Additionally, a limitless options of goods and organic certificate numbers
3. Searching and filtering of goods
4. Communicate in real-time with organic firms
5. Upload a purchase order to get quotations
6. Also, we create a list of favourite businesses and products.
7. Save business contacts to your address book online


Haywheel is an online artisanal food marketplace that links top-tier restaurants with suppliers of speciality foods. Users can scan, book, and order from different food caterers for Asian food and wholesale ingredients. Moreover, you can read information about the manufacturer, distribution methods, costs, and schedule when you click on the product.

However, in 2016, Haywheel also obtained investment from Ycombinator, which shows the utility of this market.

online food shopping

Cater Nation

Cater Nation is a platform that aggregates restaurants, caterers, universities, and government agencies for online B2B food ordering. For corporate meetings and training courses, they often include drop-off catering. This marketplace’s key features include a wide range of high-quality restaurants and caterers on a single website, fixed retail rates, delivery and pick-up choices, also an established customer service team, and also a generous loyalty programme.

online food shopping


Tradeling.com is the fastest growing online B2B platform. It also offers health and wellness, food and beverages, office supplies all in one place. The platform provides negotiation opportunity as well. The objective of tradeling.com is supported with financial backing from the Dubai government through DAFZA. Additionally, is one of the leading online food shopping platform based in UAE.

online food shopping

For buyers

  1. They offer multiple ways to find products: Use the search bar, or filter for different criteria, browse by category. Moreover, by exploring the dedicated page for each seller.
  2. Transparent wholesale pricing brought to you by top local and global brands.
  3. Fast checkout with Buy Now option, or Contact Seller to negotiate directly.
  4. Additionally, special offers as well.
  5. Also, get access to exclusive deals and leading brands.
  6. Their industry experts will find and source competitive quotes for products not yet on our platform

For sellers

  1. Multiple ways for buyers to find your products: The search bar, or filter for different criteria, browse by category, or by also exploring the dedicated page for each seller.
  2. Fast checkout by offering your customers. Moreover, the Buy Now option, or activate the Contact Seller option to let buyers reach out and negotiate directly with you.
  3. Increase sales by accessing buyers from the lucrative MENA region, and also access the growing number of buyers that prefer purchasing online.
  4. Pave the way for more sales, with many payment options including Cash on Delivery, Travelling escrow services, Financing options, Credit Card also, Bank Transfer.


Emerge is the Italian food trading site for companies. In a virtual marketplace, also it links consumers and suppliers, where buyers can get free product samples to see if it’s worth ordering. Let’s see how things work.

online food shopping

For suppliers

  1. Register and add products
  2. Also, we offer a taste
  3. Moreover, manage your products
  4. Best products will get onto the desks of best international buyers

For buyers

  1. Create collections of your products
  2. Also, compare the products you’ve chosen
  3. Save products, add notes, and share it with your team
  4. Request a taste sample directly from the producer
  5. Buyer box is also an element where a buyer will find out the latest products for sale


Yeah, this is a very ground-breaking thing! GoPato is a fast-growing start-up that provides autonomous delivery drones for food in Costa Rica. It also mostly deals for restaurants and cafes and even McDonald’s partners. Moreover, rapid and reliable delivery is assured as well.

online food shopping


Supp.li is also an online B2B food distributor which directly connects food manufacturers with buyers of hotel, restaurants, distributors and retailers. However, each item on the platform is related to the distributor of the business with all the necessary information about it.

online food shopping

Moreover, visit freelancecommunitee to know more. Also, you will get detailed information about B2B Marketing.

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