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Entrepreneurship: Little step towards success!

by deeptimehta07
The trauma of getting up early in the morning and facing the defamed traffic in “Bengaluru” did not leave haunting me even for a single day. A few months ago, I was just like millions of other mothers struggling to balance their office and work life. They have been facing painful times wherein they left their unwell kids with their in-laws or parents or daycare and been running to the office. This is not the end. Lack of courtesy from their so-called Bosses who are just not okay to have them little more flexibility in their work routines is just inhuman and makes their life worse. Being the victim of a traditional Indian Family wherein women are expected to be a robot and must excel at home and deliver all her so-called responsibilities for her family and having balanced growth is what many women struggle for. This so-called Family can vary from women to women. For some of us, it is simply husband and kids but for some more blessed ladies, it is in-laws as well.

I am sure my women colleagues must have got it by now and it is from then I started looking out for other career options which makes my life a little easier. I wanted independence when my kids were not well, flexibility to work from home and take care of them, wished not to be haunted by times when my husband had to travel and I was forced to take leaves from my work and be able to work with the peace of mind. Having thirst for this flexibility, recently somehow I landed up with a freelancing assignment on one of the major known freelancing platforms. I need not mention, with this, I am able to save at least two hours a day which I can very well invest in any other activity. How about a peaceful nap after kids go to school? I am sure this brings a smile to all the readers !!!

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This gave me the confidence to look for more. I was just flying with the thoughts that I need not to travel every day to the office and no more planning how to take care of kids when they need me, especially when they are sick.

Guys am not being feminist here, just inspired by my own journey and challenges in my day to day life and experiences which led me for a dedicated aspiration to support women who are looking out for a flexible career options. Don’t get me wrong and feel free to connect me beyond this blog to open up for a freelancing career. Let us complement and support each other to enjoy each other’s successes.

I continued my search and exploration for other options to grow my career in the world of freelancing wherein I read about some good growth opportunities in the world Digital Marketing and during my journey to explore more I discovered DigitalDeepak and joined Deepak’s internship program. The second class of the program was no less aspiring and inspiring than the first class. It brought my focus and energy to a very important discovery in the path to the freelancing and entrepreneurship which is the root of success for any businessman

Deepak started the class by presenting the “GOLDEN TRIANGLE”.

LEARN – DO -TEACH: You understand more when you teach.

Being Mr. Perfect is not required. We learn with every mistake. We are good as long as we do not repeat mistakes and incorporate the learnings to improve and grow. When we have big dreams, we have to open ourselves to take calculated risks. A plan is a must. It will help to measure ourselves.

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As always, Deepak did not miss to bring the flare of motivation in this session also. He was encouraging when he said, “The quality of writing for all the interns with improve with each assignment”. That is what I love about Deepak’s teaching style. When he teaches, he keeps his least expert interns and students in his mind. This is a great value add for each of his students. I am sure, all will prove their journeys in Digital Marketing Careers and Aspirations.

If you cannot converse well one – one then you cannot effectively communicate one – many. Deepak trusts the power of Email marketing. It is one of the best possible ways to connect one-one to your intended CUSTOMER AVATAR. We need to grow ourselves and have wider exposure and experience. Sharing your own experiences creates your authenticity and is an unbeatable way to bind your audience.

Everyone agreed to Deepak’s postulation about the importance of discovering the CUSTOMER AVATAR in your path of growth ahead, no matter how to want to optimize digital marketing. My desire is to have a Digital Marketing Agency in the niche of Fashion targeting apparells and precious jewelry. I want to bind this agency to provide an opportunity for professionals seeking freelancing opportunities from India. This brings me to my other CUSTOMER AVATAR to whom I look at providing all kinds of information which will help them to be successful freelancers.

The process of identifying CUSTOMER AVATAR needs attention and focus. It is worth investing your time and money in identifying the right set of people whom you want to reach out to deliver your products or services.

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I went ahead did some research and am feeling proud to introduce all of you to my CUSTOMER AVATARs.

Meet Mr. Oliver; CUSTOMER AVATAR for my Digital Marketing Agency: Budding entrepreneur from Australia or Europe

He is a 40 years old budding entrepreneur, father of two kids, living with his wife in 3 bedroom house in Byron Bay, Australia. He owns his own business in the fashion industry in apparel or jewelry and retails to Australian, US and European Market. He is ambitious and is looking for ways to grow his business. He dislikes hard-selling and prefers to get her business through word of mouth. He would like to minimize marketing spend and improve sales conversions. He wants to attract and retain a loyal group of customers that will deliver 80% of her revenue. For his business, long term relationships offer more value to both parties. He has tried Facebook ads but didn’t have much success. He advertises on some local directories. He fears that his leads will drop if he changes anything. He has heard of customer experience but doesn’t know how to implement a strategy in her business. He doesn’t have any experience in marketing but prefers to try to do it herself where possible. He reads about digital marketing business strategy on blogs and online media like LinkedIn, mostly in the evenings and weekends. He believes that email marketing and SEO Marketing is the best way to connect to the target audience. He can make quick decisions about buying.

Meet Mrs. Priya; CUSTOMER AVATAR for my blog FreelanceInIndia.com: Blog subscriber

She is a 35 years old  Webdesigner or IT Program Management Professional mother of two kids in India and prefers working from home in a flexible routine rather than a regular 9 to 5 job. She is ambitious and is looking for alternate ways to grow her career. She dislikes going to the office each day and prefers to contribute to her professional career from home. The very idea of skipping the travel to office brings a smile to her face. She wants to take care of her kids when they are sick. At the same time, she is not ready to compromise with her career. She is eager to let her 9:00 am to 5:00 pm regular job go away and would instantly want to switch to a flexible work opportunity.

I know that being able to connect to my customer avatar is just a beginning. There are miles to go. A lot is not yet even started. But inspite of knowing all this, somehow, the confidence which bumped into me after joining the internship program and the ability to surpass all my fears is kicking me off to take this journey ahead.

At the end of the session it was a surprising and amazing to know that Deepak is also believer of “Law Of Attraction”.

We all are the co-creators of our world and the world around us, so let us not stop ourselves to pursue our dreams.

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