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Office Stationery: Top B2B Suppliers 2020

by Ramanika Singh
office stationery

The office stationery industry has seen immense growth over the years, which has led to great profits for big stationery brands in the world. With time and technology, stationery products in the global market have evolved and have become better for use. 

The largest factor driving growth has been the ever-changing and increasing demands. As the requirements steadily rise each day, one might wonder what lies in store for business in the next few years. Therefore, here in this blog you’ll learn about key trends and bit more about top suppliers across the world trading in office stationery.

Let’s dive in!

Office stationery VS Office supply

The reason why I thought of answering this was the easy and common confusion people have. You must know the difference so that you can better select the right b2b platform for your business. When you plan to build an office or run a business, there is no doubt that “office supplies” will come to your minds. However, a lot of us may end up misinterpreting things. You might think that pens and papers belong to office supplies, but honestly, they are not. They might be the supplies in an office but they belong to the area of stationery supplies.

office stationery

Office supplies consist of heavy materials like a shredder, chairs or furniture, and computers or any technologies and devices, while stationery is those light supplies that we also call school supplies.

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Top 3 b2b e-commerce platforms for office stationery

B2B e-Commerce platforms are going to rise higher by the year 2020, as predicted by Forbes. If you are planning or thinking to start an online B2B marketplace for office stationery, then you should definitely go through the below list of top b2b e-commerce platforms trading in office stationery supplies. Don’t worry, these platforms have been studied and listed based on their overall growth. The sites not only let you run your business efficiently but also guide you all the way long.


It is hard to approach the right client for your product, who can give the best price for products. Of course, you won’t go out and look for clients and check if he or she is trustworthy or not. The best way to approach a client is to look for a good and well established B2B business having a good chain of buyers and sellers.

office stationery

Tradeling is one such platform which solves all your problems. It is the fastest-growing B2B in the MENA region. They have more than 27,000+ products with 350+ suppliers. They deal in mainly three categories like office accessories, health-wealth, and food-beverages. Although, they are expanding their range of products according to the need of people.

You can get following features and benefits if you take your business to Tradeling:

Increased reach and sales to grow business

Tradeling has a global marketplace which puts your products and prices in front of new customers across the world. Suppliers and buyers agree Tradeling is the globally interconnected B2B marketplace with wholesale prices that cannot be beaten.

Transparency and efficiency in payment and pricing

The site is flexible when you consider ease of payment and transparency at every level. You can take the benefit of different payment options like Cash on Delivery, Tradeling escrow services, Financing options, Credit Card, Bank Transfer.

Convenience in buying and negotiating

Tradeling brings exclusive deals from leading brands so that the buyers can take the benefits of special discounts. Not only this, the site also has many features which makes it easier to find the right product all according to your need.

Access to a wider number of office stationery buyers and sellers online

With almost 75+ exporters for all your office stationery supplies, Tradeling presents a wider range of options to choose from. You can easily check all the verified Tradeling sellers and find the best one for you.

Amazing logistics support and private label facility

Starting your own brand is easy on Tradeling. You need to request your private label on their portal and fill out necessary details. Don’t worry it won’t take long for them to contact you for further process. You can later compare different quotes and choose products according to your brand, how cool and easy is that?

You can place your order by completing the transaction which is super secure and comes with Tradeling PayLater facility. Also, the logistics management and tracking and all-time expert support will help you a lot throughout the process

Better communication

If you are a B2B buyer or a seller, you should be able to buy or change goods and also rectify any mistake made while training. This will let you resolve the issues that arise due to the distance gap. Tradeling understands the risks and therefore, provides 24/7 support.


Alibaba is one of the leading platforms for global wholesale trade. This e-Commerce business was initially planned to be a traditional brick and mortar company but came out to be a full-fledged B2B, B2C and C2C company as well.

Benefits for office stationery buyers and sellers

It has products in about 40 major categories which include electronics, office stationery, apparel and much more. The site allows you to choose suppliers region-wise which you can count as its unique features.

It’s the go-to platform for cross-border trade of goods and helps small/medium businesses worldwide to grow worldwide.

Alibaba gives the options of browsing the site in 15 different languages. This convenience is a psychological keypoint to turn up the trade.

If you are a seller, you can display up to 50 products completely free of cost, Apart from this, if you get the Gold membership you get a really nice mini-site to display unlimited products or services.

If you are a buyer, post what you need in a ‘Request for Quote’ and let sellers come to you.


TradeIndia is India’s one of the largest online B2B e-commercial centre. It is an ideal forum for buyers and sellers across the globe to interact and do business smoothly and effectively.

Benefits for buyers and sellers

  • The site has almost 37,26,397 registered users.
  • TradeIndia has product catalogues under 2,215 different product categories and sub-categories.
  • It receives around  20.5 million hits per month.


The global market for office stationery is growing each day. Due to the increasing demands, more and more b2b office suppliers are coming up. This blog gave an overview of office stationery market and gave top 3 b2b office stationery suppliers for your business. I hope the article would have helped you!

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