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Why should I become a freelancer in India in 2020?

by deeptimehta07

Why should I become a freelancer in India in 2020?

People in business around the world find themselves affected by the new COVID-19, because the new coronavirus shuts down business, delays payments, and now many jobs are going to end. Freelancer in India is being affected at major levels. For example, Construction Industry, Food Industry, Fashion and Design, and even film industries are affected in the current situation. World Health Organization also announces that coronavirus has become a global pandemic. Even the countries that were very strong economically are going to IMF in the current situation. 

With your traditional office job, your income may vary each month greatly and may decrease as the company cuts costs. Your check may be mailed or not. Your health care is expensive, or you can’t even afford it, which makes you more afraid of coronavirus. However, daring to proceed to explore a career as a freelancer might solve your financial problems and gift you the tremendous opportunities in freelance market which are still untapped by many of us.

What is Freelancing? 

A freelancer is a self-employed person who provides online services to multiple clients worldwide. Usually, he is doing various jobs for different clients at once from his home/sitting place according to his working hours.

The world is going to change day by day. In today’s life, the Internet has helped launch alternative online work solutions to try to close the gap between healthy work and life. Freelancers can complete their work when they work 9-5, or they can set up a full-time company based on their skills and experience.

Freelancer in India usually make money on a per-work basis, and they charged hourly or daily. Freelance is the future of remote work. Here is what you will get over a routine job when you chose a freelance career.

Advantages of Freelancing – Top popular reasons to become a freelancer

16 Top popular reasons to become a freelancer

i. Freedom To Choose Clients And Projects

Freelancers have full freedom to select a project that they like to work. If they not like persons belonging to any specific region or country, then they can refuse the work. 

ii. A Chance To Experiment With Your Craft

Freelancing provides flexibility to select a professional that you like. If you want graphics, then you can join them. No one will force you to join any other field or for extra work that is not related to you. 

iii. Immense Flexibility Of Location

You can work from anywhere, and your working place maybe your bedroom, sitting room, garden, park, hill station, or during the world tour. Freelancing is a place independent job. You don’t need a proper office environment for Freelancing. Also don’t need a suitable office chair with a big table, Landline Phone set, Fax, etc. You can run your freelancing job just with a laptop and an internet connection.  

iv. The flexibility of Working Hours

You can join your life if you are a freelancer. You may enjoy Sunlight, can have lunch at your favorite place. If you like to work late nights or early morning, then only the Freelancing can facilitate you. 

v. Take a Break When You Want

If you have an essential phone or you have to meet with your love during your work, Just push the work and do that you want. Whenever you want, you can enjoy a short break or full breaks during your Freelancing. 

vi. No Office Politics

If you have experience of Office job then you know very well about office politics. You will not face any politics during your freelancing career. 

vii. Opportunity to Build New Connections Daily 

You may have new clients daily, along with your regular clients. You can enjoy your communication with different types of persons form whole of the world.  

viii. Control of Workload

You can control your workload easily in Freelancing. If you want less load, then not accept more projects, or you can receive projects if you need more money. 

ix. A Balanced and Healthy Work-Life

You can enjoy your work and life only in Freelancing. You can set your targets and can spend extra time as you want. You can manage your working hours according to your lifestyle. 

x. Tax Benefits

In most of countries. Governments encourages freelancing therefore, they offer no tax/ less tax on freelancing incomes. It is mean you can enjoy all that you are earning. This facility is not for persons doing an office job. 

xi. Multi-Faceted Exposure

Mostly in office jobs you have only same types of jobs and you can not enjoy different types of experience. However, during Freelancing, you may face new tasks on a weekly or daily basis. 

xii. Time and Opportunity to Learn Advanced Skills

Freelancing provides a facility to advance your skills because if you do not improve your skills, then your survival in Freelancing is tough. 

xiii. Job Security

No one can kick you out from a freelancing job. If a client not like you he will not offer you project. But you already have many more clients in Freelancing, and your job is secure. 

xiv. Can Generate Several Sources of Income

Most freelancers do not rely on only one income. Mostly they have multi types of earning through different online sources such as they may have a blog, YouTube channel, Affiliate services etc. 

xv. An Opportunity To Earn More

Freelancers don’t have fixed salaries, and they can earn more if they want. Freelancers can increase their working hours on the requirement of the extra amount in any month. Check my post on which careers are thriving for freelancers Highest Paying Online Freelance Jobs 2020

xvi. Become A Better Human Being

The business of freelancers depends on their communication skills. Therefore, most freelancers are better humans, and they know how to deal with other persons.

There are a lot more advantages you will enjoy during your freelance experience. The benefits mentioned above only shared for your motivation. 

What is Disadvantages of Traditional Office Job:

Many people who work in traditional offices suffocate by continually working in the same environment, and many employees often feel exhausted at the end of the week. Let us discover some of the main disadvantages of working in an office environment.

i. Encourages a Sedentary Lifestyle

In-office, you are sitting at your chair all day and try to complete a task. This working style makes you lazy because you are not moving around or doing any chores.

ii. Harm to Your Eyesight

Spending full time from 09 to 05 in the office and have to look at the computer screen during most working hours means you will feel very nervous and put a lot of strain on your eyes. 

iii. Ruins Relationships At Times

Because of secret competition between colleagues, regularly dealing with the same clients in your office environment may damage your relationship with them. 

iv. Payment Could be Less

There are different payment opportunities in various offices. Unfortunately, if you are working in any small office, then you may be getting less payment. 

v. Full-Time Job 

You have to follow the schedule of the office that is mostly from 09 to 05, and during these office hours, you cannot enjoy the weather or any particular moment. You always require to get a proper leave with a specific reason. 

Reasons why Women should consider a freelancing career

In many ways, Freelancing provides freedom and advantages to Women, enabling women from all walks of life to realize a career that is perfectly suited to their wishes and lifestyle. According to a global study conducted by famous global payment service company Payoneer, one woman from five women in India is a freelancer. Most women in India are selecting Freelancing as a career. 

In all disciplines, the average income of female freelancers is 84% ​​of that of men. However, women have higher incomes than men in marketing, web, and graphic design.

A full-time mother is a dream character of women that has received more attention and respect than ever before. In the past, women forced to choose between career and being a full-time mother. However, this is no longer the case because of freelancers.

The Freelancing is the best for a woman because mostly they have to change the City/living location after their marriage, and as a result, they cannot continue their current job. However, if they are freelancers, then the marriage will not affect their carrier, and they can continue their job from anywhere. It is also necessary to mention here that if a woman has a traditional family before/after marriage and the family not allowed doing a job, then freelancing is again an excellent choice to earn from home.  

Mostly Women have a load of home tasks, and if they have an office job, then they have to complete home tasks after a long full day office job. In the case of Freelancing, they can work as freelancing according to their own choice of working hours. They can select small projects to do. They don’t need maternity leave, and they can earn from home during these days and can manage upcoming expenses very easily with their income. 

Women can start to do freelancing jobs according to their selective working hours and can easily manage their work according to the school timing of kids. They are also free to attend school meetings. 

As a woman living in a prosperous period of a free economy, your career prospects will be greater than ever. You decide what to do with them.

There are many more jobs, and I will just say that the earning limit is the sky. There is no limit, no weekly or yearly salary. You will higher more and more with your experience. You will always be able to do a new deal with a new client.


Mostly people not support 9 to 5 of regular work. It depends on the choice of a mortal. Those who work as freelancers think 9 to 5 jobs are quite boring, while those who work full-time work think freelance is an unstable way of income. 

You are a young and motivated person. You have enough time to find your dream career, and you can earn more than your dream. Join Freelancing and enjoy your life, enjoy your job as a hobby and grow into a professional. During and after work, you will have more time to travel and hang out with family and friends and to establish a connection with others. 

Success as a freelancer will depend on your working status and deadline. If you want to stand out, please show your customers why you are excellent. Create USP for your gigs If you want to make big money, you must prove yourself. Your career is in your hands. 

Freelance is the future. Recruitment based on value and expertise in the future. You can even open your studio and become one of your jerks.

 Before proceeding next, let us put something about the future of freelancing around the globe with a focus on why it becomes more important in current situation experience and how it might impact many companies to completely think about freelancers as this does not incur a recurring cost to them.

I am sure if you have made it till this you would want to check my recent post on How to become a freelancer in 30 days?

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